BISCUITS AND GRAVY      (1) $3.00           (2) $4.00     (3) $5.00

FARMERS BREAKFAST                                                                   $8.50

3 eggs, hash browns, 2 sausage patties, 3 slices of bacon, biscuits & gravy with choice of toast

JUMBO EGGS AND SIDES ~MEALS Include toast or biscuit   

2 Eggs, with 2 sides                                                                    $6.50

2 Eggs with 1 side                                                                       $5.75        

1 Egg, with 1 side                                                                        $4.25


OMELETS (3 eggs)

Cheese                                                                                            $4.75

Choice of any items                                                                   $6.00

 Bacon, sausage, Ham, Mushrooms, Peppers, Onions, Cheese, Tomato’s


Sausage or Bacon, egg & cheese on white or wheat toast                         $5.75

Sausage or Bacon, egg & cheese on biscuit                        $5.25                                       


Full stack (4)             $4.00         Short stack (2)                   $2.00

French toast (4)       $5.25         (2piece)                                $2.25

ALA CARTE                                            

Egg                                $ 1.25               Hash Browns               $2.50        

1 Sausage Patty        $1.50                Bacon (1 slice)            $1.50        

Sausage Gravy          $2.00                Toast                              $1.00

Biscuit                           $1.00




Mozzarella Sticks                                                                                               6.75

Cheese Fries                                                                                                        5.25

Chicken Wings (12 pc)                                                                                       8.25

Potato Skins                                                                                                       6.75

Chicken Fingers                                                                                                  8.75

Jalapeno Poppers                                                                                              7.75


Specialty Hamburgers and Grilled Sandwiches

Hamburger                                                                              $5.00        

Cheeseburger                                                                         $5.75

Double Cheese Burger                                                 $7.00        

Longhorn Burger                                                          $8.50        

  Two 1/3 lb Patties w/longhorn cheese and bacon  

Mushroom/Swiss                                                                  $6.75

Bacon Cheeseburger                                                             $6.75        

Buffalo Sauce Burger w/Franks Red Hot Buffalo sauce                  $6.25

BBQ Burger                                                                             $6.25        

Cajun Burger w/pepper jack cheese, bacon and Cajun spices                 $6.75

Tenderloin Sandwich……. $5.75………with cheese………… $6.50

Roadhouse Club                                                                     $5.75

Grilled Chicken                                                                      $5.00        

Cajun Chicken w/pepper jack cheese, bacon and Cajun spices               $6.25        

BBQ                                                                                         $5.25        

Blackened Chicken                                                                $6.25

Grilled Ham & Cheese                                                           $3.75        

Grilled Cheese                                                                        $3.25

Cuban Club                                                                               $5.39

Barnard Cheese Steak                                                           $6.25


KC STRIP 14oz $14.99…..16oz $16.99…..18oz $18.99

RIBEYE 14oz $16.99…..16oz $18.99…..18oz $20.99

102 STYLE with any steak or chop for only 2.99

Grilled Pork chop………. $14.99

Roadrunner Grilled Chicken…………. $12.29 

Catfish Filet Grilled Blacken or Fried…………12.79             



Grilled Chicken Salad Cajun, Blackened or Grilled          $10.75

     Tossed with Guacamole Ranch with Jack and cheddar cheese, croutons, bacon bits, tomato and cucumber

Buffalo Chicken Salad                                                            $9.75

   Tossed with Blue Cheese Dressing topped with blue cheese crumbles, bacon bits and diced tomato’s


Sides……….All dinner entrees come with choice of two sides……..

Baked Potato                                                                         $4.75                  

Onion Rings                                                                            $3.25                  

Twice Baked Potato                                                              $3.25

Fries                                                                                        $2.00                  

Side Salad                                                                               $3.95

Extra Salad Dressing                                                                   .50

Ranch, Chipotle Ranch, Avocado Ranch, Honey Mustard, French, Blue Cheese, Thousand Island,        

Fat Free Italian……



Fountain Soda                                                                       $1.79                  

Soda (Bottle)                                                                          $1.75

Bottle Water                                                                          $1.25

Glass of Milk                                                                          $1.75

Bottle of OJ                                                                            $1.29

Coffee                                                                                      $1.25

Kid’s Menu……….All kid’s meals come with choice of one side fries, apple sauce or cottage cheese

Grilled Cheese                                                              $2.75

Chicken Strips                                                              $4.75

Cheese Burger                                                               $4.25

Plain Burger                                                                  $3.75

Ham & Cheese                                                              $3.25


3 Responses to Menu

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  2. Dear Barnard Roadhouse, Eagle Radio does On-Line Auctions 4 times during the year where clients may put “Gift Certificates” up for sale. The next one is our “Holiday Auction”, November 18 thru 22. If you would like to “trade” certificates for advertising on KSJQ “Q-Country” FM 92.7 and ESPN AM 1550, you could get some good exposure in Buchanan, Andrew, and Nodaway counties! You get the actual retail value, and we sell the certificates for whatever we can. Example = 60 – $10.00 Certificates (or $600.00) would give you 15 – 30 second ads on Q-Country and 15-30 second ads on ESPN 1550. The deadline for the Holiday Auction is Tuesday, November 9th. Please let me know if you are interested. Your restaurant sounds really good! Thanks, Brooke Hickman

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